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Recipe Notes/Headers/Footers/Fillers

Recipe Notes
Recipe Notes are any non-recipe related content that the contributor would like included with their recipe. A few examples - "A family favorite!" OR "Grandma made this every Christmas". Just some personalized touches to make your cookbook special.

There is room for one line of type at the top of each page. Customers often print the recipe category here.

A footer note is text that appears along the bottom of each cookbook page, opposite the page number. It can be the title of the cookbook, your organization's slogan, or anything else you like. There is space for 4 or 5 words. This text is optional. Some groups choose to leave this area blank; it's up to you!

Another popular idea is to provide "filler" content that can be used throughout the book to fill in empty spaces wherever they occur. Fillers can take the form of tips, thoughts, humorous quips, facts and figures or other informational tidbits. Gateway will insert your fillers, or we can provide you with our own. Gateway has fillers appropriate for any group or occasion.